Blue Pine Rustic Wood Rounds

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These all natural rustic wood rounds are great for laser engraving signs, centerpieces, or finishing further for serving trays and cutting boards. They are sourced, cut and seasoned in North Idaho by sustainable salvaging practices using dying or already downed trees.

The rounds are currently available in these varieties and thicknesses:

Blue Pine - approximately 1" & 2" thick

They are untreated/unfinished making them perfect for your own project.

Smaller thicknesses available upon request.

Since this is a natural material, original products will have slight differences in texture, colors and size between each other. Cracks, knots, holes, and blemishes are all natural and to be expected. The items in the pictures are samples. Your specific round will look similar but will not be exact.

"Blue Pine is the name given to Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine that are killed by the mountain pine beetle. The beetle is a native the Northwest and usually lays its eggs in the bark of fallen trees. In the past, winter cold has keep the beetle population in check. With rising winter temperatures, the beetle population has been growing. With not enough fallen trees for them, they now lay their eggs in the bark of live trees. The beetle carries a fungus that infests the trees, blocking the flow of nutrients to the tree, eventually killing it. The end result is large swaths of standing dead trees increasing the chances of wildfires. Harvesting the trees helps in fire suppression and gives woodworkers a unique opportunity to turn something tragic into something beautiful."