Molasses Cookies & Engraved Bamboo Utensil

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MCS Cookie in a Jar Fundraiser - Molasses Cookies & Engraved Bamboo Utensil

With the holidays and cold weather just around the corner, what better way to send love and warm wishes to someone you care about than with a sweet treat in a jar! 5th graders at Moscow Charter School have the opportunity to attend a week-long outdoor science program known as McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS). This trip is full of outstanding outdoor science and engineering activities and will be a fantastic experience. To help with the cost, 5th graders are holding a Cookies in a Jar fundraiser.

Cookies in a Jar are as easy as pouring the dry ingredients from the mason jar into a bowl, mix in the liquids, and bake! We have three tasty cookie recipes: Chocolate Butterscotch Coconut Cookies, Best Ever Snickerdoodles, and Molasses Cookies. Of course everyone starts off with dessert before dinner so to top it off, try the Cottage Soup - a delicious bean soup for the chilly days ahead.

Gluten Free available for all options.

Not only will the recipient receive a decorative treat in a jar, each will also come with one of your choice of customized bamboo kitchen utensil! Don't worry, you can order extra utensils from over 40 options here: and the students receive 40% of the proceeds from these. The students also receive 20% of all other orders from the store.

Students will be engraving utensils and assembling your treats on December 7 with deliveries or shipping beginning December 9. Additionally we will have a pick up event where you can swing by the school for your order. Date/time TBD.

There is also a donation option. If you don't want a physical item, you can choose to donate through the website. We aren't sure how many jars will need shipped, so if you are ordering from far away and needs many jars shipped, a donation to help cover shipping costs would be appreciated. The website automatically charges $4 for shipping if the order is 0-$25 and $8 for shipping for orders $25-$50. Anything over $50 is free shipping.

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  • Enter physical address when prompted for delivery address. You will select delivery options at the end.
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If you selected customize during checkout, the specific personalization will be collected from you via email following your order. Please reply to your order confirmation email with the requested personalization specifications.

Any questions, text/call Shishona Turner at 208-596-9647 or email