Kinder Joy Tree Advent Calendar (for United States Kinder eggs)

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The Kinder Joy Christmas Tree Advent Calendar is designed to fit 24 Kinder Joy eggs sold in the United States and a chocolate orange by Ovation for Christmas Day on two trees. (This is not for Kinder Surprise eggs found in other countries though if someone wants to test this, I'd love to know.) No candy is included in this purchase.

The 2 trees are designed to be mobile from each other and thus can be arranged in any manner you choose. The original design concept is they would be angled with each other or back to back, for a more 3 dimensional tree style, however this is totally up to you. If you have two children sharing a tree, you could make one tree evens and the other odds and they each have most of their own tree for an every other. They'd then share the chocolate orange on the final day. The trees are also designed to have a 12 day countdown for the last 12 days leading to Christmas so you would only need to use the one tree if desired. (This supports the common misconception for the actual 12 days of Christmas but is helpful for those that want a cheaper to fill tree or simply didn't start their tree from Dec. 1.)

You can choose to have 2 gift shapes included or leave them out. Each gift would attach to the base in front of each tree.

There is an optional extra stand with phrases to choose from. The stand has room for 2 phrases. One for a standard phrase of your choice and the other for personalization. Phrase options are: "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", or "May All Your Dreams Come True". The phrases can be secured to the stand facing the same way or facing away from each other for a centerpiece. Personalization can include something such as: "We Love You Peter" or "Peter, Wendy, and Michael - 2019"

The Kinder Joy eggs and chocolate orange are attached and removed from the back of the tree with a snug fit that should keep them secure. All of the wood pieces snap into place using pressure fit settings. A squeak or snap is expected for each joint.

You can choose to color your tree or leave it wood colored. There will be natural burn marks and flares on edges due to the laser cutting process. These pieces will not be masked before cutting. I prefer the wood burned look. If you do not want this, please let me know. If you color the tree, the wood burned look is essentially removed as you cover it with color. I've included a video for tips on how to color your tree using sharpie markers. The marker ink wicks along the wood grain. Allow this method to happen and help you and you will have cleaner coloring lines and coloring will be faster.

Dimensions of each tree is about 19" tall and 11" wide.