Engraved Bamboo Utensils

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Bamboo Wooden Utensils have a selection of 5 options - spoon (sold out, more coming), forked spoon (spork), slotted flat spatula, flat spatula, and contoured spatula with spaghetti hole. Many design options are available or this item can be customized. Customization will be collected by email after checkout.

Bamboo will naturally have variations in color and stratification. The engraving thus will carry this variation in color and stratification through in the engrave.

Hand wash only. Do not soak. Not dishwasher safe.

Customized in Idaho, United States of America. Spoons are a product of China.

This item supports the Moscow Charter School MOSS Fundraiser at 40% or the Moscow High School Encore Choir Fall 2019 Fundraiser at 40%. The students will be involved in creating your handmade custom laser order. Be sure to enter MCS MOSS _or_ Encore during checkout.

There is no spoon
These calories don't count
I have no idea what I'm doing
Potions Master (HP font)
ACCIO Dinner! (HP font)
I Solemnly Swear My Cooking Is So Good (HP font)
Swish & Flick (HP font)
Recipes are just guidelines
Grandma's Kitchen
Nana's Kitchen
Grandpa's Kitchen
Opa's Kitchen
Oma's Kitchen
Papa's Kitchen
Happy Holidays
Tis the Season
Stand Back! Dad's Cooking
Happiness is Homemade
Taste Happiness
Serve Up Joy
Scoop Up Love
Mix in Blessings
Blend in Giggles
Made With Love
Kiss the Cook!
Best Chef Award
Laugh Often
Love Much
Live Well
World's Okayest Cook
Watch Me Nay Nay
Watch Me Whip
If you stir it, It's homemade
Siri, Order Pizza
Siri, Order Dinner
Siri, Make Dinner
Alexa, Order Pizza
Alexa, Order Dinner
Alexa, Make Dinner
Hey Google, Order Pizza
Hey Google, Order Dinner
Hey Google, Make Dinner
May the Fork Be With You (Star Wars font)
May the Fork Be With You (SW character and ship graphics)
I Licked It, So It's Mine
Teacher By Day, Cook By Night
Bon Appetit
Common Wooden Spoon +1 Cooking -1 Intimidation 2-5 Dmg
Common Wooden Spatula +1 Cooking -2 Intimidation 1 Dmg
Curved Wooden Spatula +2 Sautéing -1 Intimidation 3-4 Dmg
Uncommon Wooden Spork +3 Cooking +2 Salad Tossing 6 Dmg
Slotted Wooden Spatula -2 Cooking +4 Intimidation 7-8 Dmg
Special Request Phrase or Message
Personalized with name (first, last, or both) One-sided
Personalized with name & phrase chosen (Double-sided)