Brick Veneer - Raw Material

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Brick Veneer is reclaimed brick cut down to veneer size of about 8" wide, 2.5" tall, and 0.5" thick. Color varies in shades of red to orange. Brick is sourced through Wasankari Construction in Moscow, Idaho with the current brick veneer reclaimed from the First Bank of Clarkston Bank Vault, est. 1906, Clarkston, Washington. Brick veneer is not suitable to walk on as it could break the brick. (Field tested) It's possible it could work to walk on if paved appropriately.

I love engraving or scoring brick and it is great to display on a shelf, in a wall or chimney, or as garden decoration. If you run the speed slow enough on high power, the laser will melt the brick forming an obsidian/glass characteristic which could also include a border of white.